What was needed

AAMP Global is a multi-brand automotive electronics company providing products to OEMs and end-users. AAMP Global had a series of old, fragmented sites and no centralized database or API to manage the compatibility information for the various products they sell and the vehicles that those products are installed into.

What we delivered

We delivered a PrestaShop-based eCommerce solution that shared a single product catalog, segmented by 6 individual brands, each focusing on an already established catalog of products. For CMS and general front-end pages, we integrated WordPress with PrestaShop. This allowed AAMP Global staff to easily pull in product data from PrestaShop into WordPress pages and posts.

We then built a powerful API in Laravel, providing read-only endpoints for both third-parties to use, and for internal use, and a read/write API allowing for management of vehicle compatibility data on each product from within PrestaShop.

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AAMP Global

Tech Stack:

Vue.js, WordPress, PrestaShop, Laravel, Node