What was needed

DANTES, or the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support, is a US Department of Defense organization created to help servicemembers pursue their educational goals and earn the degrees or certification they deserve while continuing to serve their country. Their existing website was straight out of the 90s and they needed something easier to update, with a common style guide and fool-proof components that content editors could implement without coding.

What we delivered

Working with Hooah, we developed three entire sites. The first was a Jekyll-based static HTML site. The second was a rebuilt of the Jekyll-based site, but in WordPress. And the last was in a series of Dreamweaver templates for DANTES content editors to use to implement new pages. Each site contained similar functionality, including counselor search tools, educational counselor toolboxes, in-depth educational materials on testing and certification programs, and more.



Tech Stack:
Static (Jekyll), LAMP

Static HTML, JavaScript, WordPress