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What was needed

Our client, EVOK Advertising, came to us with this project which was originally a JSP/Tomcat project. The request was to start over and develop a CMS-driven website that was easy to use and easy to translate into three additional languages: Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Additionally, the site has an online tire configurator tool, which mashes-up the over fifty different types of Off-the-Road (OTR) tires with a number of popular earthmover vehicle manufacturers, makes and models, allowing customers to quickly find the product they need, access PDF specifications, and more.

What we delivered

We sold the client on WordPress due to it’s low learning curve and rapid development, and we knew the multi-lingual aspect would be a breeze with the wonderful WPML extension. After a few weeks, a lot of translating and iteration, we arrived at the final product.

Production Link:

EVOK Advertising


Tech Stack:

HTML5, CSS2/3, JS, WordPress 3.5+, Custom extensions