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What was needed

The Atlanta-based Mellow Mushroom chain of restaurants was launching a New Orleans-inspired 3-day music festival entitled the “Voodoo Experience”, and they wanted to create a fun “Behind the Music”-style documentary viral video where you and your friends could pretend you in a band that has since broken up but was getting back together to play at the festival.

What we delivered

We worked with Dunn & Co to create a fun, animated and easy on-boarding process in Flash where users would upload photos of their friends (bandmates) and resize/rotate them to fit the head cut-outs that would be used within the video.

On the back-end, PHP was employed with some advanced image processing to create quick loading PNG spritesheets with the head graphics that could be loaded into a Flash video playback system consisting of video cue points at specific keyframes. The heads would be animated based on these pre-defined cue points.

Dunn & Co. Tampa

Mellow Mushroom

Tech Stack:

Flash 10+, ActionScript 3, PHP 5