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What was needed

State Farm needed an agile and lightweight site from which they could coordinate their marketing efforts on college campuses. The client wanted it built in WordPress, to minimize (or eliminate altogether) any learning curve when using the back-end to populate data.

What we delivered

We delivered a solution based on WordPress with a number of custom-developed extensions that provide functionality such as allowing them to categorize posts in WordPress not only by school campus, but by each event happening at the various campuses.

We then built a powerful WordPress front-end, with a custom log-in system (driven by a custom extension on the back-end), and powerful filtering capabilities. User accounts on the front-end can be associated with all campuses, or just a few campuses, for the purposes of automatically filtering (and restricting) that user’s access to posts intended only for them.

Lastly, the front-end provides a way for the users to “Report Back” by uploading photos of their event. State Farm administrative staff can then use this information in future marketing efforts.

EVOK Advertising

State Farm

Tech Stack:

HTML5, CSS2/3, JS, WordPress 3.5+, Custom extensions, Custom authenticated front-end